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Bria Stretto overlays on top of any VoIP solution, providing an easy to deploy, cloud-managed Unified Communication (UC) solution that can be scaled from one to thousands of seats.

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Why do businesses prefer using Bria Stretto?

Simply bring your existing VoIP solution and Bria Stretto will add video calling, IM, presence and screen-sharing. All deployed within minutes!

Compatible with any VoIP System

Bria Stretto interoperates with Cisco, Avaya, Mitel, Broadsoft, Asterisk and has certified interoperability with over 170 network products and devices, allowing businesses to deploy UC without needing additional upfront investments from legacy systems. Click here to learn more.

Centralized softphone provisioning

No more configuration device-by-device. Bria Stretto neatly gathers settings and management onto a single web admin platform.

Single sign-on and set-up within 60 seconds

Whether using Windows, macOS, Android or iOS, users simply need to  download the free Bria Stretto app and login with their corporate credentials. Call and messaging will be instantly available and synced across all platforms.


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Stay Connected to your business wherever you are

Communicate with HD voice, HD video and secured messaging

Bria Stretto unifies your day-to-day business communications within a single app. Audio, video, presence IM chat and screen-sharing - Bria Stretto has you covered!

Experience a seamless user interface across all your devices

Windows, Mac, iOS and Android. Bria Stretto is designed to provide a consistent featureset across platforms, allowing users to comfortably transition between devices.  

Exclusive Offer for Enterprises

1 Month Free Trial, with no purchase required! 

Experience how Bria Stretto can simplify your everyday communications!


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Bria Stretto Packages

Bria Stretto supports a cost effective Per User licensing model, enabling communications on multiple devices.


Includes all of the Basic Bundle features.

CounterPath hosted messaging, presence, screen-sharing and advanced analytical and operational tools.

For businesses seeking to overlay a comprehensive communications suite on top of their existing VoIP solution


For businesses seeking to deploy CounterPath's market-leading softphones on multiple devices.

Up to 4 devices per user.

Includes centralized provisioning, push notifications and premium audio and video codecs.

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Bria Stretto: Make it easy to get your people talking

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Bria Stretto vs. Bria 5: 

More than just softphones

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Implementing Battery-Saving Push Notifications in Bria

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FirstNet is a cloud solution provider supplying and implementing cloud based solutions that are complimented by the provision of associated hardware and software products.

Bring your own device (BYOD) makes it easy to access your communications over any network (WiFi, 3G, 4G). Reduce missed calls and save battery life with CounterPath's Push Notification service. 

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